Price List of Wedding Venue Birmingham!
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A wedding is one of the most important days for anyone. It signals a change in the way of living and the way of thinking. No longer will a person live for himself. He has to think for the welfare of his wife and children. While attending a wedding is enjoyable, for the couple it could be tough with regards to the cost of the entire celebration. A huge lump of the money that they save will probably go to the wedding venue and the catering.

Tying the knot in one of the wedding venues Birmingham, here’s a rough guide on how much you could spend:

Most wedding venues already have a set package that they would offer to clients. The package would usually include the ceremony, use of the venue and the catering. They also have a minimum number of guests that you have to pay for. A typical cost of wedding including the catering is around £400 for a minimum of 25 guests.

If you prefer to get your own catering company, most venues would charge as high as £900 per guest for a total of £22,500 for 25 guests. Some venues have a suite or a room where you and your groom can use to stay at prior to the wedding. This could add to the cost of the entire wedding.

You can lower the cost by opting to get the in house catering instead of getting your own. Most venues have great catering service so you can still get your money’s worth.

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